Helping Australia's favourite tile supplier improve their digital footprint. Looking Good Beaumonts!

20 September 2018

What began initially as assisting in the creation of a submission form, quickly grew into a complete rebuild of the Beaumont Tiles website. How do you create real impact for Australia's largest national tile supplier? You start with the user and walk through their shoes in a start to finish process of purchasing tiles from a retail supplier.

It quickly became apparent that the best way for Beaumonts to gain cut-through in a tough retail environment was to ensure product is the hero, the user feels inspired as they browse and that call to actions focussed on driving the customer in-store, where they can gain industry leading advice for their project.

Svelte's key deliverables focus on mapping out the customer journey with UX pathways, completing a set of prototypes with a strong retail flavour, a custom icon set to easily represent complex information and a website that can manage a significant catalogue integration with thousands of products in the range.

More work in progress

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Helping Australia's favourite tile supplier improve their digital footprint, Looking Good Beaumonts!

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