Bringing Sophie, our AI driven tool for building digital resilience in young people to the world

26 September 2018

The desire to be understood is a human need often overlooked in communication; never more important than now in this world of hyper-customisation, hyper-connectedness and endless consumer options.

How do you understand your customers? Stop thinking of them as customers or users but as humans. From the outset, we begin by mapping the human experience to help identify the gaps and unmet needs. With newfound understanding we design with these discoveries at the forefront of our minds.

This understanding becomes our North Star. We follow this star beyond interface design, right through every step of development, deployment and marketing an idea or business. When required we do this as an end-to-end journey for our clients, and often we do just one component while collaborating with other teams.

We believe in a multi-disciplinary approach, where user experience designer, interface designer and developer work together in unison to create a cohesive human experience that crosses the traditional boundaries of the online and offline space—culture and language. All humans are different, so with a little smarts at our fingertips we can craft experiences that resonate with those who use them. This is the foundation of a positive brand experience.

Sure, we specialise in UX (User Experience Design), UI (User Interface Design), Development for web, mobile and software, branding and collateral, strategy and analysis, yet these are but a few of the skills we employ to deliver the modern day integrated experience. It may be called design and development or brand strategy but we call it communication and understanding.

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Bringing Sophie, our AI driven tool for building digital resilience in young people to the world

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